Love & Anarchy Returns To Netflix For Season Two

Netflix has dropped a trailer for the second season of Swedish dramedy Love & Anarchy (Kärlek & Anarki), created and directed by Lisa Langseth (Euphoria), which launches on the streaming service next month.

In season two, newly divorced Sofie (Ida Engvoll) is trying to create a life for herself and Max (Björn Mosten). Due to unforeseen events she instead finds herself in the middle of a life crisis, something that also has huge consequences on her relationship with Max and nothing turns out the way they had hoped.

Meanwhile, publishing house Lund & Lagersted is doing its best to tackle the very traditional literary world, whilst also trying to navigate the new opportunities that society offers today. However, it doesn’t take long before conflicts begin to arise between the old and the new, between great art and financial realities.

But what is right and wrong, what is normal and abnormal, and what is truly real – and does it even matter? In the midst of all this turmoil we find our characters as they are trying to make sense of love, life and themselves

The cast also includes Gizem Erdogan, Carla Sehn, Reine Brynolfsson, Björn Kjellman, Marina Bouras, Lars Väringer, David Dencik, Johannes Kuhnke, Ruben Lopez, Ludde Hagberg and Yasmine Garbi.

Love & Anarchy season two premieres June 16th globally on Netflix.