Loving Adults Thriller Set For Netflix

Netflix has announced its first Danish language feature, Loving Adults, a thriller based on the novel Kærlighed for voksne by Anna Ekberg. Barbara Rothenborg (White Sand) will direct with Dar Salim (Warrior) and Sonja Ricther (Open Hearts) confirmed for the lead roles. 

In Loving Adults, Christian and Leonora seem to have it all and their son is now healthy after a long-term illness. Their future finally seems bright, but at a company party, Leonora sees her husband with a younger woman and starts to think he might leave her. But how could he leave the woman who has sacrificed everything to take care of their son and family? Leonora refuses to be the woman who got left behind – using any means necessary.

The cast also includes Sus Wilkins (Below the Surface), Mikael Birkkjær (The Killing), Lars Ranthe (Another Round), Morten Burian (Ride Upon the Storm), Benjamin Kitter (A Fortunate Man), Karoline Hamm (Equinox) and Natalï Vallespir Sand (The Protectors).

Barbara Rothenborg sais: “To me, Loving Adults is a dark and twisted, thrilling yet sexy film about what terrible things we men and women can end up doing to each other, if pushed too far… It’s about the very thin line between love and hate – and how jealousy and bitterness can bring out the worst in all of us. A subject matter I’ve always found extremely fascinating, and with my sensibility and visual style, and my general love for the genre, together with this amazing cast I cannot wait to bring this chilling story to life.” 

Loving Adults has begun production and will launch globally on Netflix in 2022.