Lukas Moodysson Revisits Debut With Together 99

Acclaimed director Lukas Moodysson (Show Me Love) has announced Together 99 (Tillsammans 99), a follow up set 24 years after his feature debut Together which became an international hit with 2,500,000 tickets sold when released in 2000.

Together 99 follows a group of very different individuals who in 1975 lived in a commune called Together. Now it is 1999 and the collective consists only of two people: kind-hearted Göran (Gustaf Hammarsten) and his rug weaving friend Klasse (Shanti Roney). Feeling a bit lonely, they decide to hold a reunion with their old friends…

Lukas Moodysson said: “Together 99 will be the world’s saddest comedy. It´s about getting old, looking back, regretting everything you have done, or regretting nothing, lying awake at night missing someone you have not met in twenty years, longing back, looking forward.”

“And about the collective – it has shrunk drastically, there are not many left. Almost everyone has gone their separate ways. What has become of them? Has it gone well or badly? Who has become famous and who has ended up in a madhouse? Are the dreams from the seventies alive or are they dead? Does Göran still eat porridge?”

Together 99, written by Lukas Moodysson, begins filming this August and is slated for a Swedish theatrical premiere in September 2023 followed by an international release.