Mammon 3 To Focus On Campaigning Female PM

Sunday marked the end of Mammon season two on NRK, but according to Østlandets Blad, series writer Gjermund Eriksen already has an idea for another season.

“We’d really like to follow a campaign with a new female prime minister. We are inspired by things that have happened in Norwegian election campaigns recently, but it will probably happen more exciting in this election than in real life,” says Eriksen.

“We are only in the initial phase and taking plenty of notes. It is about finding something that you are motivated to work with and that some people think is exciting. I envision a new season at the same place and in the same genre, but with a new story.”

“But whether there will be a new season of Mammon, it is for NRK to decide. It is not up to the writer to decide whether there will be another season or not. I have said that we are interested, so now it is up to NRK to make the decision.”

The Norwegian press largely dismissed the premiere of Mammon season two on 3rd January as a failure when it drew only 604,000 viewers, compared to 971,000 for season one, but once recordings, repeats, and online had been included, the total number of viewers for episode one was 898,000, and 900,000 for episode two.

Gjermund Eriksen, writer for Mammon, said: “Those numbers are going to increase. I’m quite sure. Not least because Mammon season 2 has an agreement that allows the season to be available online indefinitely.”