Mammon – Season 2


1. Blood
The country is in turmoil when it is revealed that journalist Thorgrim Hammern has been murdered in the parking lot of newspaper VG. Islamic State is strongly suspected of being behind this attack. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is in conflict with the Minister of Finance over an interview in which he strongly criticised him.

2. The Infidels
Following the death of their colleague Hammern, Peter and Franck investigate his activities to try to explain his violent death. Ellen hands Peter the key to a chalet where he is planning to write, but it is tagged with extreme right slogans.

3. The Fall Of Man
Mathiesen is attacked at home by a hooded man. Peter continues to study the activities of Hammern through the archives he left behind, and the blogs and chatrooms he used.

4. National Mourning
Michael Woll has been murdered and the country is in mourning. Erik Ulrichsen soon settles into the Prime Minister’s chair. Mathiesen tells Peter that he was working with Hammern on the biography of Michael Woll.

5. In The Mouth Of The Wolf
Security storms Robert Woll’s house. He is killed during the operation, while Ellen, Peter and Mathiesen are released. Ulrichsen is attacked from every side, including by Johannes who recommends that he should implement Woll’s educational reform project.

6. The Decline Of Giants
Following Amelia Woll’s speech at her father’s funeral, she arouses interest from the Minister for Education and the Minister of Finance who want her as an ally.

7. Byzantium
Fritzmann informs the Ministers of Education and Justice and Ulrichsen that they are suspected of high treason. Amelia discovers that it is Aslak who has been harassing her with messages about the rape she endured.

8. The Tree Of Knowledge
Peter succeeds in freeing himself and kills Mel, before taking his USB key containing a copy of the photos of Hammern. He returns alone to Oslo with the help of Fritzmann whom he contacted from Istanbul.