Mammon Season 3 Seeks Funding For Development

Production company Maipo Film has submitted a funding application to the Norwegian Film Institute for the development of Mammon season three. NOK 200,000 has been requested against a total development budget of NOK 450,000.

Producer and CEO of Maipo Film, Synnøve Horsdal, confirmed to Dagbladet that the project has entered the first phase of development: but it has yet to be greenlit by NRK.

When Mammon season two concluded in February, co-creator and writer, Gjermund S. Eriksen, said:

“Whether there will be a new season of Mammon, it is for NRK to decide. It is not up to the writer to decide whether there will be another season or not. I have said that we are interested, so now it is up to NRK to make the decision.”

“We’d really like to follow a campaign with a new female prime minister. We are inspired by things that have happened in Norwegian election campaigns recently, but it will probably happen more exciting in this election than in real life.”

“We are only in the initial phase and taking plenty of notes. It’s about finding something that you are motivated to work with and that some people think is exciting. I envision a new season at the same place and in the same genre, but with a new story.”

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