Mammon To Return To Norwegian Screens In January 2016

January 3rd 2016 marks the return of Mammon to Norway with a further eight episodes of intrigue, political power games and a challenge to the media’s freedom of expression.

In season two, a well-known and controversial journalist is killed. Norway is in shock. Freedom of expression is under attack and the country fears that terror will strike again. The journalist’s wife Ellen Claussen (Laura Christensen) and Peter Vera (Jon Øigarden) try to unravel what and why this has happened.

The first series was criticised for the way in which it presented journalism, but producers Vegard Eriksen & Stenberg Eriksen are adamant that this time they will make it clear that it is fiction. However, it will tell “a story about things that both could have happened and have happened in different places in Scandinavia. It is about political power struggles and the role of the press.”

As a footnote Anna Bache Wiig, who in the first series of Mammon played a journalist and is now an advisor to the Prime Minister, is also one of the writers behind the hit series Acquitted (Frikjent) which has just gone in to production for series two.