Mammon Wins Best Drama International Emmy

During a gala presentation at the Hilton New York on Monday, Mammon season two was declared Best Drama at the 45th International Emmy Awards against Justiça from Brazil, Moribito from Japan, and Wanted from Australia.

In Mammon, a well-known and controversial journalist is killed. Norway is in shock. Freedom of expression is under attack and the country fears that terror will strike again. As the story unfolds, the journalist’s wife (Laura Christensen) and Peter Vera (Jon Øigarden) try to unravel what and why this happened.

Series writer, Stenberg Eriksen, told Dagbladet: “I remember when we gathered the actors together before starting season two. We said that this time we would go for an Emmy… Nevertheless, it came as a really big surprise to actually be nominated… This is a milestone, and we shall mark that.”

Whilst this is the first Norwegian drama to be nominated for an Emmy, Anneke von der Lippe won Best Actress at the International Emmys in 2015 for her role as Helen Sikkeland in Eyewitness (Øyevitne).