Maria Wern – Season 3


1. Dreams From Snow
It’s Christmas time when Gotland is struck by unspeakable tragedy – a high-school girl is found dead in the middle of a country road wearing a white Lucia gown. What appears to be suicide becomes more sinister when Maria and her colleagues find an e-mail.

2. May Death Sleep
Two women, seemingly unconnected, die in apparent suicides. With no evidence for murder, Maria Wern and her colleagues at the Gotland police department find themselves looking for a stalker and considering psychosis in the victims.

3. Black Butterfly
The charred body of a suffocated medium lies in the gutted remains of her office after a fire. When two other murders take place in the same manner, Maria Wern is forced to lead an investigation into the motive and the connection between victims.

4. Boy Missing
A ten-year-old boy disappears from a dinner, while another vanishes from a refugee camp. What starts as the search for a missing child ends up being an investigation into hidden agendas, personal betrayals and links to international crime.

5. Not Even The Past
When Maria receives anonymous death threats, she’s ordered off the island for her own protection. While her colleagues on Gotland scramble to find the culprit, it becomes increasingly clear that the murderer may have followed Maria to Stora Karlsö Island.