Martin Beck’s Successor Revealed In Latest Film

Rhe latest Beck film, which premieres 3rd March on C More, introduces Jennie Silfverhjelm (All Inclusive) as Martin Beck’s (Peter Haber) successor, Alexandra ‘Alex’ Beijer.

Alex first appeared in Your Own Blood (Ditt eget blod) in January, where she met Steinar Hovland (Kristofer Hivju) in Jordan whilst working for Interpol. The chemistry between them was immediately clear, but their next meeting was in competition for Martin Beck’s old job…

On 3rd March, Alex makes her entrance as the new head of Beck’s team in Without Intent (Utan uppsåt), where her appointment is met with mixed feelings. Meanwhile, a woman with a protected identity is found murdered in her own home, leading to a story of power, violence and the trafficking of women.

Jennie Silfverhjelm said: “I have followed the Beck films through the years and feel incredibly honoured to be the first woman to manage the team. My character Alex enters into a tough world with both strength and vulnerability, which I think will bring a new dynamic to the Beck ream.”

Executive producer, Niva Westlin Dahl, added: “Her multifaceted character really feels at home in the team, so Martin Beck should be very pleased with her recruitment, but of course it comes at a price.”

Without Intent (Utan uppsåt) premieres 3rd March on C More, with The Devil’s Advocate (Djävulens advokat) on 7th April.