Martin Stenmarck Takes Break From Music In Lyckoviken

Swedish singer Martin Stenmarck will star alongside Disa Östrand and Alexander Karim in Lyckoviken, a modern soap with a serial killer on the loose, written by Camilla Läckberg (Fjällbacka Murders) for Viaplay.

Set in the small community of Hammarvik, the series follows police officer Johanna (Disa Östrand) who returns to her home town for her mother’s funeral, whereupon she is confronted by old memories, conflicts and relationships.

Moreover, the neighborhood of Lyckoviken is a microcosm of Sweden with six families living side by side, from the working class to the well off, from the prosperous to the unlucky, and hanging over them all is an unsolved puzzle which promises many twists and turns.

Martin Stenmarck said: “I have been wanting to act more and think that this is going to be a lot of fun. A big challenge too, of course – there are a lot of talented actors involved – but it is important to dare to do such things. The last time I took a significant break from music was when I went mountain biking in Nepal.”

The cast also includes Christopher Wollter (Honour), Daniel Adolfsson (The Bridge), Ia Langhammer (The Truth Will Out), Alexander Karim (The Lawyer), Ashkan Ghods (Johan Falk), Lars Väringer (Alex) and Amanda Lindh (Bonus Family).

Lyckoviken will premiere on Viaplay this autumn across the Nordic region, consisting of sixteen episodes divided into two seasons.