Martin Wallström Stirs Up Beck Team

When Beck returns to C More with the first of four new films on 6th November, Martin Wallström (Mr. Robot) joins the cast as a recurring character that looks set to stir the team up.

The next four films (Beck 39-42) are a direct continuation of where we left Martin Beck (Peter Haber), with the department managed by Alexandra ‘Alex’ Beijer (Jennie Silfverhjelm) who was recruited after completing an international mission in the Middle East, while Martin has taken over from Klas Fredén (Jonas Karlsson) who, in turn, has been given a managerial assignment at NOA.

The investigating team remains the same with Måns Nathanaelson returning as Oskar, Anna Asp as Jenny, Elmira Arikan as Ayda and Kristofer Hivju as Steinar. However, the murders they face are becoming ever more complex with perpetrators from all walks of life, and this time the team will truly be tested.

The team also welcomes new character Josef, played by Martin Wallström, but he seems to be living a double life and there is a question mark as to whether he can really be trusted. While C More has not released any further details regarding Josef, he is described as having an increasingly central role to play in the forthcoming films.

Beck 39: Undercover premieres 6th November on C More while Beck 40: Utom rimligt tvivel (Beyond Reasonable Doubt) arrives on 4th December, but fans will have to wait until Spring 2021 for Beck films 41 and 42.