Michael Noer’s Before The Frost Is Big In Japan

At the Tokyo International Film Festival on Friday, Michael Noer’s Before The Frost (Før frosten) was awarded the Jury Special Prize, and Jesper Christensen repeated his recent success from the Chicago Film Festival with Best Actor.

Set in Denmark during the 1850s, farmer Jens (Jesper Christensen) fights for his family’s survival during a particularly harsh winter. However, seeing an opportunity to expand his holdings, wealthy Swedish landowner Gustav preys upon their misfortune.

As the frost approaches, Jens is forced to devise a plan. He must choose between comprising his morals by marrying his beloved daughter to the son of a neighbour, or sell his land for short-term gain but lose his family’s only means of survival.

Michael Noer told Variety: “I know that the limit for how far parents will go for their children is infinite. At the same time, I also feel how quickly you get ambitions on behalf of your children, but are they in the children’s best interest or in fact my own dreams?”

Written by Michael Noer and Jesper Fink, Before The Frost opens in Denmark on 10th January 2019.