Midnight Sun Coming To SVT And Canal+ In 2016

Midnight Sun is a $10.9 million, eight part drama, written and directed by Björn Stein and Måns Mårlind, and destined for broadcast on SVT and Canal+.

Starring French actress Leïla Bekhti and Swedish actor Gustaf Hammersten, Midnight Sun follows a French police officer (Bekhti) who travels to Kiruna, a small mining community in remote northern Sweden, to investigate the brutal murder of a French citizen. She joins forces with a half-Sami, half-Swedish DA (Hammarsten) and together they are faced with more killings by a ruthless serial killer, who is always one step ahead, and has a macabre plan.

Producer Patrick Nebout says: “Leila Bekhti plays a French cop of Algerian origin who teams up with Hammerstein, a half-Sami, half-Swedish prosecutor… The Sami situation touches on some very relevant issues and one of those is that minority communities across Europe today are feeling threatened. This is a theme underscored in Midnight Sun.”

“Another underlying theme bubbling under the surface in the series is the right-wing extremism and racism that is escalating across Europe.”

The exact air date for Midnight Sun has yet to be announced but will be during 2016.