Midnight Sun & Fallet Nominated At C21 Awards

Midnight Sun (Midnattssol) and Fallet have been nominated for the C21 International Drama Awards, which will be voted for by 100 commissioners and buyers at the C21 International Drama Summit in London (November 27-29).

Midnight Sun, which won Best New Series at the Roma Fiction Festival and the Audience Award for Best Series at Series Mania, is nominated for Best Non-English Language Drama against 4 Blocks (Germany), Maltese (Italy), Wasteland (Czechoslovakia), Ouro (France) and Your Honour (Israel).

The series follows a French police officer who travels to a small mining community in northern Sweden, to investigate the brutal murder of a French citizen. She joins forces with a half-Sami, half-Swedish DA and together they are faced with more killings by a ruthless serial killer, who is always one step ahead, and has a macabre plan.

Meanwhile, Fallet, a Nordic Noir satire in which the heroine is a loner with a certain lack of self-awareness, is nominated for Best Comedy Drama against TANK (France), Nevsu (Israel), Back (UK) and Gap Year (UK).

The story begins with the macabre murder of a British man, which has religious overtones. Sophie Borg is drawn back to her old hometown of Norrbacka, where she gets one last chance at redemption as she investigates the case along with an equally inept British detective.

Winners of the C21 International Drama Awards will be announced on Wednesday 29th November.