Mille Dinesen & Ulrich Thomsen Lead Romantic Comedy

Filming has begun for Lars Kaalund’s debut feature Rør ved mig (Touch Me), a romantic comedy starring Mille Dinesen (Rita) and Ulrich Thomsen (The Commune).

Maja (Mille Dinesen), a doctor on the verge of becoming head of department, lives a seemingly idyllic life in a beautiful house with her husband Claes (Ulrich Thomsen) and their teenage son Magnus. So it comes as a shock when, after a pause for thought in Dubai, Claes announces that he wants a divorce.

Maja’s life is in free fall but she is determined to regain control so signs up for Tinder and falls head over heels in love with Andreas, a student twenty years her junior. However, in the process of rediscovering herself, Maja begins to feel that she has let down her rebellious son, but perhaps it’s time to give up control and find out who she really wants to be…

Rør ved mig is slated for a theatrical release on 4th November 2021.