Minnesota Trilogy To Be Developed For US TV

Slingshot Global Media has signed a deal to develop a crime drama series with Nordic producer Tomas Backström based on a trilogy by Norwegian novelist Vidar Sundstol. The Minnesota trilogy is about Norwegian heritage policeman Lance Hansen who finds a young Norwegian tourist brutally murdered on the shores of Lake Superior in the United States, and finds links to a murder mystery dating back 100 years.

“Often it is a bit difficult to answer how likely it is that a project like this ends up on TV, but in this case I actually think that it is quite likely,” says Backström. “[Slingshot] do not go into something that they don’t have very great faith can be realized. The project is not bought on speculation, as is often the case.”

When asked who might be cast in the series Backström said: “It is too early to divulge. But I will say that the series can be compared with Fargo.” However, Slingshot is, according Backström, funded by giants in the industry who want to speed up the project.

Sundstol’s trilogy is comprised of “The Land of Dreams,” “Only the Dead” and “The Ravens,” published by the University of Minnesota Press.