Miss Friman’s War | Fröken Frimans Krig


3.8 out of 5 stars
Starring: Sissela Kyle, Sofia Ledarp, Frida Hallgren
2013. Series Ended

Meet the courageous group of women brave enough to take on both the male ruling classes of the day and a corrupt industry. Savvy is their strategy and cans of healthy food are their weapons!

It is 1905 in Stockholm, Sweden and people’s lives are changing rapidly due to the introduction of new technologies. At the same time, food poisoning epidemics are common among low income families and the line between different social groups remains clearly defined. The role of women however is supposed to be nothing more than smiling housewives and devoted mothers.

This is the situation Dagmar Friman finds herself in when she returns to Sweden after several years in London. She is more than a little headstrong and believes firmly in equal rights for women.

Miss Friman and her friends resolve to open a co-op grocery store for women, run by women, called Swedish Homes. It will be a store that sells unspoiled food at prices even workers can afford – a revolutionary idea at the time.

When the all-male board of the Stockholm Wholesale Association learn about the womens business plans they start fighting back with every trick in the book, including illegal blockades. Will the women have to surrender to all these obstacles, or will they be able to open the first ever Swedish Homes store on time?

The second season takes place in 1906. Now the Swedish Homes grocery store has become the secret meeting place for a group fighting for women’s suffrage in Sweden. But it’s still very much a man’s world, and new obstacles arise as the women battle for their rights.

It is 1907 and Miss Friman and her friends are at war again. Now they are battling Sweden’s out-of-date prostitution laws, which protects sex buyers while victimizing women on the streets. They are also challenging the traditional male role, as they fight for Jon’s right to be a single father.