Mister8 Wins Best Drama At Canneseries

Finnish comedy Mister8 was awarded Best Drama at the 4th edition of Canneseries on Wednesday while its lead actor, Pekka Strang, walked away with Best Performance.

Mister 8 follows Maria (Krista Kosonen) who has more than enough love in her life with seven partners, one for each day of the week. But things become complicated when she falls in love with Juho (Pekka Strang) because, sadly, there aren’t eight days in a week.

Competition for the coveted Best Drama award came from Awake (Serbia), Christian (Italy), Countrymen (Norway), Dreams Of Alice (Russia), Limbo Until It’s Over (Argentina), Sad City Girls (Israel), The Allegation (Germany), Totems (France) and Unknowns (Israel).

Meanwhile, Best Ensemble Performance was presented to Norwegian comedy Countrymen (Jordbrukerne), the story of four men with dubious plans who move to a farm in the Telemark countryside and, more or less against their will, end up founding Norway’s first halal cheesemaking business.