Moa Gammel Set For Breaking The Surface

Moa Gammel (Jordskott) is confirmed to star in Breaking The Surface, an underwater survival thriller written and directed by Joachim Hedén (New York Waiting).

In keeping with family tradition, half sisters Ida (Moa Gammel) and Tuva head out for a Christmas dive in a remote part of Norway. However, having grown up separately in Norway and Sweden, their fractured relationship dampens the mood.

Then, as the dive nears its end, tragedy strikes as a massive rock crashes down and traps Tuva underwater. Ida surfaces to call for help, only to find that the rockslide has buried their mobile phones, car keys, and oxygen, leaving them cut off from the outside world.

Ida tries everything to find someone to help rescue her sister, but to no avail. It seems that she might have to leave Tuva for dead so is forced to use her ingenuity. If she can pull her through, perhaps together they can find a way to save each other.

Breaking The Surface begins filming January 2019 in Norway and Sweden (Bohuslän), with underwater scenes scheduled for the Lites Water Stage & Film Studios in Belgium.