Modus – Season 2


US president Helen Tyler is on a state visit to Sweden and, although accompanied by both FBI and her own security service, it’s Swedish police who will be in charge of ensuring her safety while in Stockholm. Everything looks set to run smoothly until something unimaginable happens. As panic ensues, high-ranking FBI agent Warren Schifford jostles for position with the local head of police. Ingvar Nyman is assigned to the role of special FBI liaison officer, while his now pregnant partner Inger Johanne Vik is asked to join the investigation as psychological profiler. Little does Inger Johanne know that the assignment will involve her dealing with a dark shadow from her past.

The police throw all their resources into the search for the missing US president, who disappeared in Stockholm on their watch. Inger Johanne has the chilling realisation that her past is catching up with her when it becomes clear that Ingvar has been appointed as FBI liaison officer for Warren Schifford, her former FBI mentor and an ominous figure from her time spent in Washington years earlier.

Inger Johanne steels herself to work with Warren Schifford. As the search for the missing president leads to the dead body of a presidential guard, rumours emerge of possible infighting between the FBI and the Secret Service. Meanwhile, cultural differences between the Swedish police and their US counterparts are thrown into sharp relief.

Ingvar suggests he and Inger Johanne team up to track down the mole inside the Swedish police force, but he does a good job of undermining their teamwork and relationship. Meanwhile, a number of possible leads emerge in connection with the US president’s disappearance, which leads Warren to insist that all evidence points to the work of a single individual.

Swedish police search for a mole within their own ranks, while Inger Johanne leaves Ingvar behind and goes looking for the US president on her own. Meanwhile, Ingvar pays Warren a visit and some theories start to emerge about who might be behind the president’s disappearance.

Inger Johanne wants to get help to the captive president, but is surprised to discover the president doesn’t trust anyone in her own ranks. Meanwhile, there are rifts within the FBI as conflicting stories emerge about who might be behind the kidnapping. Ingvar pays a visit to someone who will turn out to be a key figure in the investigation and to have links to Helen Tyler’s past.

Someone is tracking the signal from the missing US president’s mobile phone. Meanwhile, both the president and Inger Johanne are haunted by ghosts from their past. Ingvar and Warren form an unlikely partnership to try and push forward with the investigation.

A hitman is after the missing US president, who remains in hiding with Inger Johanne and Hedvig. Will they be rescued in time? And who has been the real mastermind behind the president’s disappearance?