Modus Season Two Attracts More International Stars

Following on from the announcement that Golden globe winner Kim Cattrall (Sex In The City) is to play the US president in season two of Modus, it has now been revealed that Greg Wise (The Crown) and Billy Campbell (The Killing) will also star.

Although few details have been revealed about season two, it is known that the story picks up two years after season one, and the relationship between Inger Johanne Vik (Melinda Kinnaman) and Ingvar (Henrik Norlén) has deepened – they are now expecting a child together!

Greg Wise plays Warren, former FBI mentor to Inger Johanne Vik. He says: “It was a really exciting challenge to take on the role because Warren has a very dark side to him. He is the ultimate narcissist, Machiavellian and likes to push boundaries. Viewers might not know what quite what to make of him.”

Meanwhile, Billy Campbell who plays the US president’s husband, Dale Tyler, says: “Dale is the president’s partner and confidant but their relationship has changed over the years. What now binds them is their daughter and a dark secret that they have harboured for years.”

The eight-part second season of Modus, written by Emmy Award winners Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe, will premiere on C More this autumn and air later on TV4.