Molanders – Season 1


1. Moving
The family Molander live a hectic life in Stockholm. Fanny (the mother) has burnt out and is trying to save the family, so they all move to Alingsås where Olof (the father) grew up. Everything is, of course, not quite how they imagined it to be.

2. Opera Star
Olof is leading the Music Society in their first concert together when they are visited by a world famous opera star. Fanny goes to work at the health centre.

3. Making New Friends
Fanny starts playing tennis with Farshad, a colleague at the health center. Olof hits the priest Marit who sings in the church choir.

4. Requiem
It is stressful at the health centre and Fanny has a panic attack. The Music Society will play Mozart’s Requiem, but Olof gets competitive about who should direct.

5. The New Sponsor
The Music Society has a new sponsor who meddles in matters large and small. Alva wants new boots and is willing to go to great lengths to get them.

6. Molander Celebrates Christmas
Grandma Birgit controls the family Molander’s Christmas celebration, which is not appreciated by Fanny. Stefan gets jealous of Marit and Olof.

7. The Bowling Match
Fanny and Farshad go bowling, and are joined by Olaf. Olof suspects that LG has embezzled money from the Music Society.

8. Rephelgen
Olof gets to meet Marit again when the Music Society and the choir are rehearsing before a concert. Fanny goes to a conference in Gothenburg. Alva takes the opportunity to have a party in the house.

9. The Student Show
Linus gets the chance to direct when he leads a violin group on a Culture School student demonstration. Farshad want to continue the relationship with Fanny.

10. The Annual Meeting
The Music Society has its annual meeting, and LG stands for re-election. Fanny hesitates as to whether she should tell Olof about Farshad.

11. God In Disguise
Olof gets sick when the Music Society and the choir are due to have their joint concert. Alva goes to a party without telling mom or dad about it.

12. The Spring Concert
The season’s final concert of the Music Society is attended by musical star Anders Jarl. Olof and Fanny must decide if they want to continue their relationship or not.