3.9 out of 5 stars
Starring: Eric Ericson, Evabritt Strandberg, Erik Lennblad
2013. Series Ended

The Molander family live a hectic life in Stockholm – Olof is a touring concert pianist and Fanny a successful anaesthetist. At home they have two teenagers: Linus, 17 years old and Alva, 14.

When Fanny has a breakdown at work, something has to give so she and Olof decide to drop a gear to spend more time with each other and their children. Olof becomes Head teacher at a music school in the small town where he grew up while Fanny retrains to become a general practitioner. Their move will save their family.

But things don’t end up as planned. The work that Olof’s doing is 99 percent administrative and his love for music draws him instead to the local Musical Society, an amateur symphony orchestra he used to play in when he was growing up. He now makes a grandiose comeback as conductor, spending more and more time at the society.

In the society Olof meets Marit who sings in the choir. They unite in their passion for music and soon fall in love with each other. At the same time Fanny spends more and more time with the young intern doctor Farshad, who – like her – is very interested in training and sports.

The musical wonder child Linus dreams about becoming a conductor, while Alva only wants to disengage from her parents. On top of all this Olof’s parents are getting older and demand more of his attention. Olof and Fanny love each other, but is that enough when so many forces are pulling them apart?