Monica Z Writer Tackles Amelia Adamo Biopic

Screenwriter Peter Birro (Monica Z) and journalist Christina Birro are collaborating on the script for a feature film about the rags to riches story of Swedish media giant Amelia Adamo.

In 1947, Elda Mucci was working as a maid in Rome when she fell pregnant out of wedlock, so moved to Sweden in the hope of giving her daughter, Amelia, a better life. As a child, Amelia would watch as her mother cleaned the home of Sweden’s most powerful media family, unaware that she would later become one of their most influential and respected newspaper editors.

Christina and Peter Birro said in a statement: “We were truly taken by Elda and Amelia Adamos story, a larger-than-life tale of a poor Italian housekeeper and her daughter who became one of Scandinavia’s most powerful and controversial publishers.”

“As we immersed ourselves into the parallel story of these two women, we were continuously surprised and awed by how they defeated the many odds stacked against them, be it poverty or patriarchy.”

“Elda’s bravery and resolve paved the way for her daughter, and Amelia is such an ambiguous and complex delight, which always makes for the most interesting characters in film.”

Amelia Adamo said: “I have on several occasions said that my life would make for a great story. I’m of course both proud and flattered but most of all touched. Touched that Peter and Christina picked up on the Italian mother-daughter bond: fierce, angry but always loyal.”