Monster – Season 1


A shocking murder is committed in the furthermost reaches of Northern Norway. Local policewoman Hedde Gilbert is assigned to the case, along with hotshot Joel Dreyer, but their different personalities and methods immediately set them against each other. Their relationship is put to the test when another victim is found and they suspect a brutal serial killer is at work.

An unsolved double murder three decades ago attracts Helle and Dreyer’s attention, and Helle fears that her mother’s disappearance may be connected to the case.

The police are now investigating Andrea’s murder, and Dreyer is desperate. He does what he can to sabotage the investigation so that no clues lead back to him. He defends himself by accusing Helle for the disastrous result of their pursuit. Helle is forced to withdraw from the police investigation, but continues on her own.

Dreyer finds out that Helle is making progress in her private investigation, and realises that he depends on her to get through this. They resume their work together, and are able to confirm that Jani has been trying to track down Tyra’s killer as well. They also get a tipoff about Kritsjon’s whereabouts.

Helle and Dreyer continue the investigation, finding clues that lead them to a mythical pre-Christian religion that used to be widespread in the area. They find out that Jani and Tyra were curious about this faith, and tried to get in touch with people in the area who still practised it.

Helle is hailed as a hero for having rescued Jani and solving the three decade-old murders, but remains haunted by guilt. Tyra’s murder has still not been solved, and the investigation continues. Helle and Dreyer find labyrinthine drawings and other traces of the mythical religion, and learn of a traumatic and painful conflict between the congregation in Kataluma and the people in the area who still practised the old faith.

Helle and Dreyer decide to continue the investigation on their own after being suspended when their methods come under scrutiny. They go through all the evidence and find an important clue that throws new light on Mildred’s atrocities.