More Johan Falk? Never Say Never, Says Director

Richard Holm, who directed seven episodes of Johan Falk, has spoken to Expressen about the success and future of the series.

“It is really great that we managed to touch so many,” he said. “That people have cried over the movies even though there is police action… People seem to think that it is the most realistic police series.”

Some films in the series are now considered to be so realistic that they are even used to train the police in how not to deal with undercover agents and informers. “Things have to go wrong in the film,” says Holm. “Otherwise it wouldn’t be exciting.”

However, despite the popularity of the series, Holm says there are currently no plans to make more: “We think it is finished. It’s great that there are these three seasons that people generally seem to think just keep getting better and better, instead of tiring it out.”

But when asked about a possible return for Johan Falk, Holm said: “You should never say never.”

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