Morran And Tobias Set Box Office Record For 2016

Morran and Tobias: Godsend, starring Robert Gustafsson (The Hundred Year Old Man) and Johan Rheborg (Solsidan) has enjoyed the strongest opening weekend for a Swedish film this year, with almost 90,000 tickets sold.

After an incident with the burners on a hot air balloon, Morran and her son Tobias have reduced their home of 34 years to ashes. With a burnt out caravan in tow filled with sooty household goods they make their move to a new council house.

Whilst Morran sees the opportunity for a fresh start, Tobias has lots of creative ideas about improving the house. But there is something about their new home that feels familiar, and through a series of fortuitous events the hapless duo are forced to deal with the past once and for all.

Sitting at number two in the box office chart behind Doctor Strange, Morran and Tobias is now the most successful Swedish film of 2016 with the exception of A Man Called Ove, which was released on Christmas Day 2015.

Producer Emma Nyberg said in a press release: “We are extremely pleased and proud that so many people have seen our film since its premiere.”