Morran & Tobias Movie To Premiere In October

The big screen follow-up to Johan Rheborg and Robert Gustafsson’s comedy series Morran och Tobias, which began life as a sixteen part web series in 2014 and went on to become a four part series for SVT, is expected to open in October of this year.

The black comedy about mother Morran (Johan Rheborg) and her son Tobias (Robert Gustafsson), who live on the fringe of society, began filming in the south of Stockholm in March and will be complete on Thursday.

After an incident with the burners on a hot air balloon, Morran and her son Tobias burn down the house that had been their home for 34 years. With a burnt out caravan in tow filled with sooty household goods they move to a new home allotted to them by the council.

While Morran sees the chance for her and Tobias to start again, Tobias has lots of creative ideas on how he will improve the house. But there is something about the new home that feels familiar, and through a series of fortuitous events the lopsided duo are once and for all forced to deal with the past.

Producer, Emma Nyberg, said in a press release: “This film will be something quite extraordinary and we are incredibly excited to be able to take Morran and Tobias to the big screen.”