Moscow Noir | Dirigenten – Season 1

Tom Blixen is an ambitious young investment banker at Pioneer Capital. His career is on the rocks, but when his friend Fredrik asks for help selling some shares in a dead end oil company called Neftnik, Tom sees a chance for them both to win. His first attempt to sell them ends with the buyer being killed in front of him.

Despite Baranov’s murder, Tom still needs the Neftnik deal. He moves onto another buyer, the ostentatious businessman Gusev. Meanwhile Fredrik gets a tape of himself being forced to kill a young gangster. Clearly there’s more to Neftnik than he’s saying.

Tom is arrested as a suspect by Detective Skurov, as Fredrik goes to meet his blackmailers to try to call them off. Tom’s job is under threat, but he finds an ally in board member Strelka. Skurov releases him on condition he go undercover at shady oil giant RusOil, trying to find out about the hidden owners of Neftnik.

Skurov’s investigation is being stopped from above. Fredrik knows he has to run, but when Tom arranges for him to sell his shares to RusOil, a bomb attack derails the sale, killing Fredrik and injuring Tom. The police blame Chechen terrorists, but Skurov and Tom know better. Pioneer want to press on with the deal, and Skurov has a moment of weakness with secretary Darya. Tom visits Fredrik’s wife Olga at her family home in the Russian wilderness.

Tom heads to Fredrik’s Swedish cottage looking for the Neftnik shares, but he’s attacked by gunmen. Meanwhile Olga finds she’s not safe even at home, and heads back to Moscow to finish the deal once and for all.

As Tom and Skurov close in on the Neftnik owners, Skurov is blackmailed with the Darya photos. Tom and his boss Rebecka head to RusOil to complete the deal, but a tax raid closes the company down. Tom tries to keep Olga and her daughter Ksenia safe, and admits to Olga his own terrible past. Rebecka finds out his secret and tries to cut him out of Pioneer, but Strelka stops her. Skurov closes in on Fredrik’s killer, and a furious Olga takes things into her own hands.

Kruglov takes Olga to meet the mystery Neftnik owner. Rebecka takes her own evidence to her bosses at Pioneer, realising that they are connected to Neftnik. Skurov takes a stand and defies orders, as the killers threaten Ksenia and Rebecka. Rebecka survives, but Tom suspects her of being involved.

Skurov finds that Tom is with Strelka, and puts together a plan with Rebecka to save Tom and take Strelka down. In the process, Rebecka makes enough money to get out, and Skurov catches his corrupt boss Karimov.