Mother Goose | Gåsmamman – Season 1


Sonja Ek lives a happy and comfortable life with her husband and three children in a suburb outside Stockholm. One day everything suddenly changes and Sonja is forced to cross the line into the criminal world to protect her children.

The family are watching the hospital. Stein gets squeezed on information about who shot Broman’s man. The police search Sonja’s home.

Sonja tries to find out who the Major is. Stein is looking for the missing cocaine. Niklas wants Sonja to manage the firm for him. Christian Broman demands money from Stein for the stolen cocaine. Linus gets a puppy from Anders.

Barry is at Stein’s house to retrieve the money, but when Stein does not have enough, he takes Stein’s and Kattis’ paintings. Luke watches the children, Gustav is visited by Jill and they take ecstasy together.

Sonja continues her search for the Major. Police tell Niklas that Sonja is socialising with Broman. Sonja’s search leads her to Norway. Kattis persuades Sonja to go out and celebrate Hannah’s birthday at Broman’s restaurant, and Kattis discovers that her picture is hanging there.

Nina is gone. Has she escaped or has she been kidnapped? Sonja tells Luke what Stein has done and Luke looks for him. Broman suspects that Sonja knows who the Major is.

The police have begun to monitor Sonja 24 hours a day. They know that she is withholding things. Sonja and Magdalena manage to fool the police. Kattis sets both Sonja and Stein against the wall. Linus begins to remember.

It’s the funeral. Linus remember more and more and want to tell Sonja. Kattis has a bad feeling about who is to blame for the bomb and tells Sonja who begins to realise that Niklas lied to her. Sonja starts to understand how all the pieces fit together.