Mother Goose | Gåsmamman


3.7 out of 5 stars
Starring: Alexandra Rapaport, Magnus Roosmann, Edvin Ryding
2015. Returning Series

Based on the hit Dutch series Penoza, Gåsmamman is billed as a drama about drug trafficking, brutal killings and getting the kids to school. Alexandra Rapaport plays Sonja, who lives a rather carefree life with her beloved family in a suburb of Stockholm and works as an accountant in the family business at the marina.

Mother of three Sonja’s finances are usually no problem as long as she doesn’t ask where the money comes from, but one day her world is shattered. She is forced to become a fully fledged alpha female to take care of her husband’s shady marijuana business and is drawn against her will into the criminal underworld to save her family.