MTG & ViaSat Partner For Agatha Christie Noir Svartsjøen

ViaSat has announced details of the upcoming crime thriller Svartsjøen (Black Sea) which will be produced by MTG TV in Norway, Sweden and Denmark along with the Nordic streaming service Viaplay. The series will premiere on Viaplay in Norway, before being broadcast later on TV3.

In a press release, ViaSat describe the series as “a classic Agatha Christie mystery, Nordic in nature with a young Scandinavian cast, where a crime mystery must be solved.”

The action takes place at Svartsjøen in Sweden, where young Johan (Filip Berg) has decided to reopen one of the family’s resorts. It has been closed since a horrific murder took place 20 years earlier, but with his girlfriend Hanne (Sarah-Sofie Boussnia) and a group of friends, Johan wants to get the operation up and running again.

The youngsters spend their time skiing and partying, but mysterious events soon put their friendship to the test. And when the weather turns and the group become isolated from the outside world, nobody knows quite who they can trust.

Hanne wants to solve the mystery of Svartsjøen and explores the resort’s dark past. Meanwhile, she also becomes increasingly attracted to Jostein (Odin Waage) who helps her to look for answers.

The cast includes: Nils Ole Oftebro (Mammon) as Erkki, the caretaker who has looked after the place for years; Odin Waage (Øyevitne) plays Jostein, who along with his brother rented a garage at Svartsjøen to repair snowmobiles; and Anderz Eide (Frikjent) is Jostein older brother.

Svartsjøen will premiere in autumn 2016 on ViaPlay.