Peter Naderman To Bring Nordic Noir To Finland

FAVEX reports that acclaimed producer Peter Nadermann (The Bridge, The Killing, Milliennium, Wallander) has signed up to co-develop the upcoming TV drama Bullets with production company Vertigo, and with it aims to bring global success to Finland.

Bullets is a character-driven thriller that revolves around two strong women. One is an undercover policewoman who is sent to infiltrate a drug smuggling ring. The other is a Chechen black widow (an Islamist Chechen female suicide bomber) who seeks revenge for her family and nation by plotting the assassination of one of the world’s most high-profile political leaders.

Nadermann told FAVEX: “I was lucky enough to establish Scandinavian crime in Europe. Projects like Millennium, The Killing or The Bridge have opened up a door for Nordic Noir all over Europe, and television is relying heavily on this genre nowadays. I am now very eager to turn my eye towards Finland.”

“Bullets is a wonderful project with a great international appeal. It’s not only inherently international by the story, but it’s told on such a high standard of modern serialized storytelling.”

The script for Bullets should be complete by the end of the year, with filming to begin in 2016.