Netflix Adapts Vinterviken For A New Generation

Netflix has announced Vinterviken 2021, a movie adaptation of Mats Wahl’s acclaimed YA novel, with Alexis Almström (Top Dog) on board to direct. It was last adapted in 1996 with David Tainton and Lina Englund in the lead roles.

This new incarnation of the classic love story is set in Stockholm 2021 and follows Elisabeth and John-John who are raised in the same city but whose lives are poles apart. Socially, economically and culturally, they couldn’t be any more different… until the day they start in the same class at high school.

Director, Alexis Almström, said: “I will never forget when I watched Vinterviken as a teenager in the 90s. A lot has happened since then, and not in a good way. A feeling of hopelessness is becoming prevalent amongst young people, regardless of background. Therefore, I’m excited to share this hopeful story about young lovers breaking class barriers.”

Vinterviken 2021 is slated for a global release on Netflix next year.