Netflix Drops Trailer For Vinterviken Remake JJ+E

Netflix has released a trailer for JJ+E, a modern adaptation of Mats Wahl’s acclaimed novel Vinterviken, which premieres on the streaming service next month.

This new incarnation of the classic love story is set in Stockholm 2021 and follows Elisabeth and John-John who are raised in the same city but whose lives are poles apart. Socially, economically and culturally, they couldn’t be more different… until the day they start in the same class at high school.

Elsa Öhrn makes her acting debut as Elisabeth while John-John is played by Mustapha Aarab (Björnstad) alongside a cast rounded out by Magnus Krepper (Queen Of Hearts), Loreen (Eurovision), Marika Lagercrantz (Vendetta), Albin Grenholm, Otto Hargne, Simon Mezher, Jonay Pineda Skallak and Elsa Bergström Terent.

JJ+E, directed by Alexis Almström, premieres 8th September globally on Netflix and will air on SVT in 2022.