Netflix Norsemen Season 3 Set To Be A Prequel

Norwegian comedy drama Norsemen (Vikingane), which was picked up as a Netflix Original earlier this year, will turn the clocks back for a prequel in its third season.

Written and directed by Jonas Torgersen and Jon Iver Helgaker, Norsemen season three takes its unique blend of Monty Python and Game Of Thrones back to 789 AD, one year before the first Viking raids in the West.

Chief Olav and Hildur rule Norheim with steady hand, while treating little brother Orm as the chief’s plaything and forcing him to marry Frøya. Meanwhile, Jarl Varg tests the loyalty of Norheim’s Vikings when he starts an all-out war, and Liv fights her way out of bondage to take her first step on the social ladder.

The first two seasons of Norsemen are currently available to stream on Netflix. Season three is slated to begin production in the spring, with its NRK premiere in Norway set for autumn 2019.