Netflix Orders Easy Money From Jens Lapidus

Netflix has announced a six part drama written by Oskar Söderlund and Jens Lapidus set in the Stockholm criminal underworld, ten years after the events depicted in the Easy Money (Snabba Cash) movie trilogy.

In this latest instalment of Snabba Cash, the craving for status and money proves stronger than ever, and as the entrepreneurial elite and criminal underworld collide, friendships and loyalty are put to the test in their never-ending quest for easy money.

Jens Lapidus, author of the Stockholm Noir trilogy upon which the movies were based, said: “I have been waiting for an opportunity to continue with Snabba Cash. The stories are still epic but also depict our time in an unfiltered light. It will be amazing.”

Director Of International Netflix Originals, Tesha Crawford, added: “We are happy to announce this new Swedish series and to bring the world from these much loved movies back to life in a fresh and exciting way… We are excited about working with Oskar and Jens and their vision for this new chapter of Snabba Cash.”

Snabba Cash will be filmed in Sweden in 2020.