Netflix Orders Snabba Cash Season Two

Netflix has announced a second season for acclaimed action thriller Snabba Cash with Evin Ahmad (The Rain) set to return as a determined entrepreneur drawn into the criminal underworld, set ten years after the events depicted in the Easy Money movie franchise.

When single mom and tech entrepreneur Leya kickstarts her company with criminal money, she finds out the hard way that shortcuts come at a cost. Moreover, the entrepreneurial elite and criminal underworld are equally ruthless so, when these worlds collide, loyalty and alliances are put firmly to the test.

Director Jesper Ganslandt & Lead Writer Oskar Söderlund said: “With Snabba Cash season one we wanted to tell a contemporary story with characters that, though they commit morally doubtful acts, share the same feelings and dreams as many of us.”

“We are overwhelmed that so many people have taken our series to their hearts. But the coolest thing of all is that a lot of people have felt they finally have been represented in a big drama series. That is truly the finest reward of all.”

Snabba Cash season two is slated to launch globally on Netflix in 2022.