Netflix To Move In To Original Swedish Programming

Kulturnyheterna reports that Netflix has plans to move into original programming in Sweden.

“They have actively been out and met with several producers,” says Piodor Gustafsson, producer of The Snowman. “They are asking for proposals, which they will process in the spring, and then in the autumn will order for pre-production next year, as I understand it.”

“We met them not only for our English-language projects but also our Swedish… They asked us to come up with projects that we think would suit their platform. We think this is very exciting, that the competition for Swedish-language projects has increased.”

“The advantage is that someone wants to fully finance a series. Which means that it will be made. The downside is that it will be sold forever, so there will be no additional revenue.”

Josefine Tengblad, Drama Director at TV4, says: “As a global player, they have a completely different opportunity to fully fund the project, which of course is very attractive to creators and producers.”

“But they also purchase all material and all rights in perpetuity. How should you as a creator and producer be compensated for renouncing all ownership of your own projects? I’m afraid that you become seduced by the offer and ultimately sell for too little money.”