New Season Of 30 Degrees To Premiere In February

SVT has announced that the second season of 30 Degrees In February will premiere February 1st, and is partly set in both Gothenburg and Thailand.

SVT’s project manager, Peter Zell, says: “The story that unfolds in the Gothenburg area is mainly about Glenn and Oh’s move to Sweden. It is the culture clash and how Glenn’s new Thai life partner is received in Sweden. The portion which is recorded in Thailand will be a bit of a road movie, which means that you will see more of the nation than in the first season.”

Head writer and producer, Anders Weidemann, continues: “Early on, I dreamed of a drama with characters who continue to develop and deepen, episode by episode. To now have the opportunity to again follow the characters’ dreams, unhappiness and happiness, to re-hear their voices, is nothing short of a blessing.”

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30 Degrees In February follows a number of characters as they leave the cold and snow of Scandinavia for the warm, sandy beaches of Thailand in the dead of winter. It’s the beginning of a life-changing adventure, a fresh start, a new life.

As their lives move deftly from one jolting event to another, they realise that while it may be impossible to completely leave their Nordic lives behind, it is possible to transcend their limits and reach satisfying moments of self-fulfilment.