New TV3 Legal Drama Aber Bergen To Star Cryptic Tattoos

Odd-Magnus Williamson and Ellen Dorrit Petersen are to star in TV3’s new legal drama Aber Bergen, written by Gjermund S. Eriksen (Mammon), and currently being recorded in Askøy near Bergen.

Aber Bergen tells the story of two lawyers who fell in love and established one of the city’s top law firms. But then their personal relationship began to unravel, whilst their working relationship had to go on.

“Tension between the estranged lawyer partners forms the basis and the arc of the series, but Bergen with its history, culture and special political conditions also has a role to play,” says TV3’s Linn Vee Hanum.

Odd-Magnus Wiliamson (Kon-Tiki) plays the quick, intelligent Erik Aber, who rose from humble beginnings and now fights for the little man. Ellen Dorrit Petersen (Erobreren) plays the rich and restrained Elea Bergen, more loyal to the system than her estranged husband.

Williamson told VG: “The core of the series can be summed up by the tattoos on my fingers, which show the characters §, 1 and 8. Paragraph 18… But you do not know what law this paragraph belongs to.”

Aber Bergen is expected to premiere on TV3 in Norway this autumn.