Season Two Of Occupied Begins Filming This Autumn

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) has awarded a grant of 6,500,000 NOK for a second season of Occupied (Okkupert). The overall budget is 75,000,000 NOK for an eight episode run to be directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg. Filming begins this autumn, and is expected to air in autumn 2017.

Occupied is based on an original idea by Jo Nesbø and takes place in Norway in the near future. Occupied season two will look at what happens to a country and its people when it is occupied. Does the theory hold that if you let residents keep their lifestyle, material possessions, physical security and a sense of reasonable freedom, then their resistance will be minimal?

In awarding the grant, the NFI said: “The expectation is that a follow up season will be strong – the first season works well as an introduction to a world you can engage with and immerse yourself in. Season two of Occupied tells a good story about shrewd political scenarios and upheavals at both a personal and political level.”

“Production will continue to be a successful and exciting co-production and will cooperate with Sweden and France (by ARTE), and test a previously unseen publishing strategy, with its premiere on streaming service Viaplay and then subsequent broadcast on TV2.”