Nicolai Cleve Broch To Lead HBO Beforeigners

HBO Nordic has announced that Nicolai Cleve Broch (Acquitted) and Krista Kosonen (Blade Runner 2049) will star in its first Norwegian original, six-part science fiction comedy drama Beforeigners (Fremvandrerne), written by Lilyhammer co-creators Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin.

The series follows a new phenomenon as powerful flashes of light occur in the oceans around the world and people from the the Stone Age, Viking era and late 19th Century mysteriously begin to appear.

Nicknamed ‘beforeigners’, these strangers have no idea what happened or why. Only one thing is certain: they keep coming and there is no way back home for them.

A couple of years later, Alfhildr (Krista Kosonen) from the Viking Age is partnered with burned-out police officer Lars Haaland (Nicolai Cleve Broch) as part of the police department’s integration scheme, and, while investigating the murder of a beforeigner, they begin to unravel a mass conspiracy behind the origin of the newcomers.

Directed by Jens Lien (Occupied), Beforeigners has a budget of NOK 69 million and has been awarded NOK 9.5 million in production support from the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI).