SVT Have No Plans To Extend Bonus Family

SVT has revealed to Aftonbladet that there are no further seasons planned for hit comedy drama Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen) which returns for season three on 18th February.

Bonus Family, created by Felix Herngren (The 100 Year-Old Man) along with his wife Clara and and his sister Moa, revolves around two families and the complications that arise in their attempt to form a new family dynamic following divorce, such as raising each others’ kids and coping with exes.

SVT Head Of Drama, Anna Croneman, told Aftonbladet: “Right now there are no plans for a fourth season of Bonus Family. But we are not closing the doors on it for the future.”

Felix and Clara Herngren responded: “Of course it would be sad if SVT didn’t want to pick up a fourth season. But we are keeping our fingers crossed that Bonus Family will return in some way or another.”

Elsewhere, the format rights to Bonus Family have been sold to the United States, France and Germany. However, ABC requested that the US pilot be condensed to just 22 minutes, which didn’t suit the tempo of the story and so that particular project has been shelved.