Nobel And Midnight Sun To Premiere At Séries Mania

Upcoming dramas Nobel (NRK) and Midnight Sun (SVT) have been selected for the World Premières Competition at the 7th Séries Mania in Paris (April 15-24) and will face a jury led by The Sopranos creator and showrunner David Chase.

This year, Séries Mania is introducing a World Premières Competition where eight ambitious dramas will be presented as either exclusives or having been broadcast only in their country of origin. Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, Israel, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom have been selected to compete.

The line-up highlights the strength of television: the ability to renew genres such as thrillers (The Five), to create new forms (Beau Séjour, The Kettering Incident), to question contemporary society (Mama’s Angel, Nobel), to represent real worlds (El Marginal, Cannabis), and to illuminate the dynamism of co-productions in Europe (Midnight Sun).

Four Nordic TV dramas will also be presented as part of the Panorama programme: Norskov (TV2), Spring Tide (SVT), Bordertown (YLE) and Lola Upside Down (YLE Fem). Meanwhile, Splitting Up Together (TV2) has been selected for the Comedy Marathon.