Nobel – Season 1


Lieutenant Erling Riiser arrives home from a mission in Afghanistan, where he had to stop Wasima Zamani by force from running towards a bomb explosion. This break in cultural norms would have serious consequences for Erling. In Oslo, Erling witnesses some abuse. Should he intervene or accept that he is in Norway and no longer at war?

It went horribly wrong. The SMS which seemingly came from a certain source has backfired. Erling Riiser finds himself in a predicament, obviously making trouble for the government.

The conflict with land owner Zamani is hotting up. The platoon commander decides to face the enemy by peaceful means and organises a Buzkashi match on horseback. This proves to be a bad idea.

The Foreign Minister is on a visit to Afghanistan and arranges a meeting with a rare guest. In Norway, the press has got hold of material showing soldiers opening fire even when the enemy have no visible weapons. The Armed Forces Special Command Unit and UD join forces to restore the Norwegian forces’ honour.

Erling is exposed in the tabloids as a cold blooded killer. He has to clear his name, but first his has to get his son in safety, and then he has to go to the police.

The American Secretary of Defence is on an official visit to Norway and is interested in the Foreign Minister’s talks with the Taliban. He also has a special surprise for Erling, which he receives with mixed emotions.

Erling thinks that it was Hektor who made sure that he went to the parking garage and killed Zamani to conceal his dodgy business deals in Afghanistan. Johanne is of a completely different opinion, but Erling begins to feel unsafe with good reason.

Rolf Innherad is on his way to Afghanistan. So is The Foreign Ministry, Johanne and a few select soldiers from the Special Forces. A big meeting is about to take place, but it seems like not everybody understand exactly how badly this can turn out.