Nobel Wins Best Drama At 56th Rose d’Or Awards

Nobel was named Best Drama at the 56th Rose d’Or Awards on Tuesday in a ceremony held at the Axica Convention Centre, next to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The series follows Lieutenant Erling Riiser (Aksel Hennie) from the Armed Forces Special Commando Unit who heads home to Norway after a long tour in Afghanistan. He soon becomes a pawn in an international game of politics, and as the stakes grow higher he is forced to discover just how far he will go in the name of peace.

Scriptwriter Stephen Uhlander and producer Håkon Briseid accepted the award on stage in Berlin. Briseid told NTB: “We were proud to be nominated. Winning … I was really taken aback. Now we’re going to celebrate hard for everyone who is not here.”

Producer, Tone C. Rønning, said: “It’s absolutely brilliant, it’s so amazing! To think that in this small country we can create such a drama with limited resources… It makes me happy and very humble.”

The Rose d’Or Awards, which celebrate and honour the best in entertainment programming, are presented by the European Broadcasting Union, who first acquired the event in 1961 when it was created by Swiss Television in Montreux.