Nominees Revealed For Nordic Council Film Prize

On Tuesday, the five nominees were announced for the 14th Nordic Council Film Prize, which aims to raise interest in the Nordic cultural community and recognise outstanding artistic initiatives.

The nominated films must have deep roots in Nordic culture, be of high artistic quality, and distinguish themselves by their artistic originality. This year’s nominees are:

Parents | Forældre | Denmark
When their son moves away from home, Kjeld and Vibeke try to reignite the magic of their younger days, so move into the old student apartment where they first fell in love. Literally recapturing their youth, they wake up one morning to find themselves 30 years younger – and they are forced to recognise that the past they once knew might no longer exist.

Little Wing | Tyttö Nimeltä Varpu | Finland
12-year-old Varpu is rapidly approaching adulthood whilst her mother, Siru, refuses to grow up. One night, Varpu has had enough so steals a car and drives north in search of her father. Finding him awakens something in both Varpu and Siru, and they begin to realise the roles they play in each other’s lives and the world.

Heartstone | Hjartasteinn | Iceland
In a remote Icelandic fishing village, teenage boys Þór and Kristján experience a turbulent summer of emotional discovery and sexual awakening. As one tries to win the heart of a girl, the other begins to recognise new feelings toward his best friend. Then, as summer ends, they must leave the playground and face adulthood.

Hunting Flies | Fluefangeren | Norway
Ghani, an idealistic teacher, loses his job on the first day of school. Making one last attempt to get it back, he locks his students inside the classroom, forcing them to resolve a generation-long conflict between their villages.

Sami Blood | Sameblod | Sweden
14 year old Elle Marja is a reindeer-herding Sámi girl. Confronted by the racism of the 1930s and demeaning racial examinations at her boarding school, she starts to dream of another life. But to realise her dream, Elle Marja must become someone else, which means severing all ties with her family and culture.

The winner of the 2017 Nordic Council Film Prize will be announced at Finlandia House in Helsinki on November 1st and awarded DKK 350,000. This will be shared equally between the screenwriter, director and producer, thus highlighting the collaborative nature of the art form.