Noomi Rapace Isolated While Filming Seven Sisters

Noomi Rapace (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) has revealed to The Independent the hardship of filming multiple roles for upcoming Netflix movie Seven Sisters, directed by Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow).

The movie is set in a world with a one child policy, and a set of identical septuplets (Noomi Rapace) are hidden from the government by their grandfather (Willem Dafoe). They are all named after a day of the week, and in the outside world they all assume a joint identity in a game of cat and mouse with the director of the Child Allocation Bureau (Glenn Close).

Noomi Rapace told The Independent: “I was alone in the room most of the time with green screen and an ear piece with pre-recorded dialogue… I was at the gym every day at 4am, my pick up was 6. I didn’t go for dinners, I didn’t see anyone. I was in my own bubble… my focus was completely on those sisters.”

She then recounts when Willem Dafoe finally came on set to begin filming: “He came after 10 weeks and it had been just me for nine and I was a complete weirdo, crying, ‘I’m so happy you’re here!’… It was such a blessing to be with someone again.”

Seven Sisters, which was released theatrically in the UK last year as What Happened To Monday, will be available on Netflix from 30th August 2017.